A-Z of Unusual Words
Bold graphics and visual wit are used to interpret and represent a collection of strange, unusual and lost words. These images explore the meaning behind the words, which are sometimes even more strange or unusual.

This series of work has been exhibited during Design Week Dublin 2011 and has been featured and reviewed on various blogs and magazines including Brainpickings, The Huffington Post and Design Taxi.

Awarded a Merit in the 3X3 Proshow and featured in 3X3 Illustration Annual 2012.

Prints are available in our online shop.
50cm X 70cm Original Giclee Print on Hahnemühle 100% Cotton Rag, 310 gsm, bright white
Edition Size – 10 (signed and numbered)

Acersecomic: A person whose hair has never been cut.

Biblioclasm: The practice of destroying, often ceremoniously, books or other written material and media.

Cacodemonomania: The pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit.

Dactylion: An anatomical landmark located at the tip of the middle finger.

Enantiodromia: The conversion of something into its opposite.

Fanfaronade: Swaggering; empty boasting; blustering manner or behavior; ostentatious display.

Gorgonize: To have a paralysing or mesmerising effect on: Stupefy or Petrify.

Hamartia: The character flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall.

Infandous: Unspeakable or too odious to be expressed or mentioned.

Jettatura: The casting of an evil eye.

Ktenology: The science of putting people to death.

Leptosome: A person with a slender, thin, or frail body.

Montivagant: Wandering over hills and mountains.

Noegenesis: Production of knowledge.

Ostentiferous: Bringing omens or unnatural or supernatural manifestations.

Pogonotrophy: The act of cultivating, or growing and grooming, a mustache, beard, sideburns or other facial hair.

Quockerwodger: A rare nineteenth-century word for a wooden toy which briefly became a political insult.

Recumbentibus: A knockout punch, either verbal or physical.

Scripturient: Possessing a violent desire to write.

Tarantism: A disorder characterised by an uncontrollable urge to dance.

Ultracrepidarian: A person who gives opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge.

Vernalagnia: A romantic mood brought on by Spring.

Welter: A confused mass; a jumble; turmoil or confusion.

Xenization: The act of traveling as a stranger.

Yonderly: Mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded.

Zugzwang: A position in which any decision or move will result in problem
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